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Tips for Buying Cannabis/Marijuana in Florida

Who can buy Weed in Florida?

First of all you must be above 21 before you can buy recreational or medical marijuana in Florida. You might be asked to show proof of age of any documents I.D or Driver License. If you want to purchase cannabis and you are within the age of 18-21 you can opt for a medical marijuana card to ease your buying in Florida.

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Where can I smoke cannabis legally in Florida

To be on a safe side try as much as possible to stay out of the street and public places when smoking cannabis while in Florida. Marijuana should be smoked in your home where you are convenient or the beach its a perfect place to smoke as well while in Florida. there are also licenser bud house where you can smoke freely in Florida.

In which Florida city can I order Delta 8 Marijuana Online

You can order delta 8 marijuana in any city in Florida. Flying monkey Exotics will deliver your package discreetly in any city of Florida without hesitation. You do not need to look elsewhere we are ready when ever you are ready. You can buy delta 8 marijuana in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Florida city, Destin, Jacksonville, Naples, Hollywood, Dayton Beach and many more locations in Florida.