HHC King Louis XIII


HHC King Louis XIII

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The Flying Monkey HHC Disposable Vape is known for providing an uplifting and functional feeling perfect for those seeking a little creative inspiration. Customers love the Flying Monkey Brand because of their deliciously unique terpene profiles, consistent quality and affordable prices.

Flying Monkey HHC Disposables feature a new round design that is comfortable and convenient to carry around! These disposable devices contain a tightly sealed juice reservoir to prevent leaking and a powerful, USB-C rechargeable battery so you can enjoy every drop.

Flying Monkey Exotics shows their current lab tests show these 1 gram Disposable devices to contain over 95% (950mg) HHC Distillate, with a 5% blend of terpenes. All cannabinoids used in their disposables are derived from US grown hemp and are federally legal under the Farm Bill Act. These cartridges contain NO fillers, modifiers or additives.